Type two fun enthusiast
Film Photographer
Pour over coffee drinker
& apply pie devourer 


I’m an artist, an adventurer, and type two fun enthusiast based in Boulder, Colorado. With access to the mountains in my backyard, I draw inspiration from my long runs. Putting one foot in front of the other gives me the space to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself. Flowing through the trail system helps remind me that from afar, nature is simply beautiful, but up close the details are infinite and each rock, root, tree, or creek adds to the greater landscape we see.


My art aims to replicate that emotion. From a far my design as a whole is simple, but up close the details are vast. I hope my art inspires you to stop and admire the details in life, no matter how fast you may be moving. 
Follow along and tag @lily_mcalpin as I would love to see my art in the wild!