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Framing Guide

I offer a range of fine art prints that are all designed to fit standard size frames and mats, making it easy and convenient for you to frame my prints on your own and have beautiful and professional art on your wall. To ensure the best presentation and preservation of your artwork, I provide a helpful guide that includes best practices, useful tips, and recommended resources for selecting materials and frames that pair well with my art.
By following my guide, you can be confident that you're using the right materials and techniques to properly showcase and protect your artwork. I personally recommend specific frames that complement the style and theme of my art, so you can be sure that your final product will look stunning in your home.
Whether you're a seasoned art collector or a first-time buyer, framing your fine art prints using my guide will ensure a successful experience.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance with framing your artwork.
Here are some best practices for framing fine art prints:

1. Use archival materials: When framing fine art prints, it's essential to use archival quality materials. This includes acid-free matting, real glass, and backing board to prevent acid migration.

  • Suggested Frames:
    • Blick Art Material
    • Frames USA
        • Frame Size Guide:
          • 8x10 print: buy a 11x14” frame 
          • 11x14 print: buy a 16x20” frame 
          • 16x20 print: buy a 20x24” frame 
          • 24x30 print: buy a 30x36” frame 
  • Suggested Mat Sizes (I prefer a white mat)
    • Frame Destination
        • Mat Size Guide: 
          • 8x10” print: 11x14" mat opened to 8x10” artwork
          • 11x14” print: 16x20" mat opened to 11x14” artwork
          • 16x20 print: 20x24" mat opened to 16x20” artwork
          • 24x30” print:  30x36" mat opened to 24x30” artwork
  • Glass: I prefer to use real glass rather than acrylic
    • Frame Destination
        • Glass Size Guide:
          • 8x10” print: 11x14" glass
          • 11x14” print: 16x20" glass
          • 16x20 print: 20x24" glass
          • 24x30” print:  30x36"glass 
  • Additional materials you will need
    • A ruler (to mark where to drill the hardware on the back, I like 1/3 of the way down from the top of the frame)
    • Archival tape (to attached the print to the mat)
    • Hanging hardware (two screws, two d-rings, and wire)
    • A drill (this is used to secure the hardware on the back)
    • Windex (for cleaning the glass)


2. Handle with care: When handling fine art prints, it's important to take care to avoid damaging the paper or ink. Always use clean hands and handle the print by the edges or use gloves to prevent oil from your hands transferring to the paper.

3. Use a professional framer: Framing fine art prints is a delicate process and time consuming process, so supporting your local frame shop may be the best option for you! They will be able to recommend the best materials and techniques for your specific artwork and ensure that it's framed to the highest standard. 

Some Boulder local frame shops that I would recommend:


By following these best practices, you can ensure that your fine art prints are properly protected and presented in a way that showcases their beauty for years to come! 

Thanks for supporting my art!