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"Call of the Loon"



Growing up in New England, I cherished summers spent by the lakes of the Adirondacks and New Hampshire. Those tranquil mornings gifted me with endless wonders as an imaginative kid. The glass-like surface of the lakes and the tree's reflections dancing on the water always captivated me. In my mind, the call of loons accompanies this serene scene, a sound that brings me profound peace. It also evokes memories of my mother, sitting in the grass with our hands shaped just right, trying to mimic the loon's call with our breath. Her loon call was magical to my young ears, and this painting is a tribute to the enchantment of those early morning lakes and the mystical echo of a loon's call across the water.

11" x 14" 

acrylic on canvas

2.5" natural maple wood floater frame