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Dessert Dusk - Canvas Print


24 x 30 inches

Canvas Print

2.5" depth raw maple wood floater frame

Location: Moab, Utah

Captured from the rugged expanse of BLM dirt roads outside Moab, Utah, this breathtaking view unveils the magnificent La Sal Mountain Range. As the sun sets, the desert colors cast a mystical purple hue upon the distant peaks, juxtaposed against the vibrant desert shrubs, yielding a mesmerizing landscape that captivates the soul.

Moab's allure beckons me annually, and this campsite nestled in its embrace is my cherished sanctuary for a few magical nights. After a day of basking in the desert's fiery heat, the evening temperatures offer a refreshing respite, providing the perfect atmosphere to cook dinner and unwind. Surrounded by the luminous glow of the desert dusk, this haven becomes an unbeatable home away from home, nurturing cherished memories that linger long after the stars blanket the desert sky.

Original: acrylic paint on wood panel