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"Harmony of Paradise"



In April of 2023, my husband and I embarked on a long-awaited journey to the enchanting island of Kauai. The island's captivating geography, lush flora, refreshing rain showers, and pristine beaches enveloped us in a perfect dose of paradise. Everywhere we looked, different species of flora seamlessly intertwined, creating a harmonious tapestry of various shades of green against the backdrop of the vast blue ocean and sky. My eyes feasted on a kaleidoscope of colors in every direction, a blissful sight that inspired this painting. The artwork captures our memorable hike through the Na Pali Coast, leading us to a hidden beach and then through a rainforest to the magnificent Hanakapiai Falls.

11" x 14" 

acrylic on wood panel

2.5" natural maple wood floater frame