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"Meadow of Meditation"



When I meditate, I envision a serene meadow, abloom with wildflowers, basking in the warm embrace of sunshine. Colors dance all around, as I stroll through the field with a gentle pace, tenderly grazing the tall grass with my hands, feeling the plants gently skimming my fingertips. This daydream becomes a soothing sanctuary that eases my mind and body, guiding me into a blissful state of meditation. I treasure this cherished memory like a precious keepsake, a grounding anchor for times of need. This painting serves as an ode to that tranquil escape, a tribute to the calm memory I can replay at will, and a celebration of the profound connection between painting and meditation, as both art forms ease my mind with their transformative power.

11" x 14" 

acrylic on wood panel

2.5" natural maple wood floater frame