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"Mount Mansfield"



Nestled in the heart of nature, Mount Mansfield proudly stands as Vermont's highest peak, connected to the oldest through hike in America, the Long Trail. This special place holds deep meaning for me, as it was during my college years in Vermont that I truly found myself. Leaving behind the city life of Boston, I craved a natural setting and like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Vermont became my sanctuary, and I fell in love with spending nights in a tent, hiking the trails and exploring the terrain. Even after moving to Colorado, I still yearn for the peaceful mountains of Vermont, which have left a lasting mark in my heart. This artwork with its tent-like feature represents the countless nights I spent camping while exploring Vermont's trail system, a reminder of the second home I found there.

Mount Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont.

24" x 30" 

acrylic on wood panel

2.5" natural maple wood floater frame