"Sol Duc Falls"



In the summer of 2017, my husband and I embarked on a three-month road trip around the Western part of the US, visiting as many national parks as we could. Olympic National Park stood out as one of our favorites with its beautiful beaches, lush forests, alpine meadows, and hot springs. In 2021, we returned for a three-week road trip through Washington and Oregon, taking a ferry to the park and camping in a lovely spot in a pasture. We watched the sunset on the beach, hiked up steep mountains, soaked in hot springs, and swam in lakes, discovering a whole new side of the park. Sol Duc Falls, known for its stunning waterfalls and lush surroundings, became one of our favorite viewpoints. This painting is a tribute to the magnificence of Olympic National Park, a place that holds a special place in my heart as my favorite national park.

Sol Duc Falls - Olympic National Park

11" x 14" 

acrylic on wood panel

2.5" depth raw maple floater frame