"Vermont Fields"



My film photo archives serve as a constant wellspring of inspiration for me. Among these cherished memories lies a single roll of film from the Summer of 2016, a season I spent living in Vermont. That first summer in this picturesque state left an indelible mark on my heart, as I reveled in the vibrant beauty that summer brought. My days were filled with working at a local wood-fired pizza joint, savoring the flavors of locally-sourced ingredients. I found solace by the lake, where I immersed myself in books, explored the countryside on my bike, and hiked during my free moments. Volunteering for a local CSA and enjoying live music became regular highlights, and the carefree spirit of a 22-year-old enveloped me as I savored what I referred to as my "last summer" before the final year of college. The painting I created was inspired by a view just beyond an outdoor music festival I attended that very summer. Its essence captures the simplistic beauty of Vermont, a place that brought me comfort and pure bliss during my last summer break.

11" x 14" 

acrylic on wood panel

2.5" depth raw maple wood floater frame