"Winooski River"



The Winooski River, born in the verdant embrace of Vermont's Green Mountains, gracefully winds its way southward, a majestic waterway stretching across 90 miles until it joins the embrace of Lake Champlain. Its vast watershed showcases an array of landscapes, from pristine forests to fertile farmlands and thriving wetlands, nurturing a rich tapestry of plant and animal life. In July of 2023, however, tragedy struck when a devastating flood ravaged the region. I painted this piece last summer, inspired by the river's awe-inspiring beauty as it meanders through the state, providing resplendent vistas, even gracing my friends' backyard (which I used as a reference for this painting). Yet, the recent flood has transformed the painting's meaning, reminding us of nature's strength against human endeavors. While its beauty captivates, nature's power can also unleash havoc, serving as a poignant reminder of the force we must respect and protect. 

Winooski River, Vermont  

16" x 20" 

acrylic and gouache on wood panel

2.5" depth raw maple wood floater frame