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    Lily McAlpin Art


    Shop the entire assortment of archival prints, each crafted with the utmost precision to capture the essence of my original paintings and digital art.

    Every print is personally titled and signed by yours truly, Lily.

    With print sizes ranging from 8x10" to 24x30", you can find the perfect fit for your wall space. What's even better, all prints come in standard sizes, so framing them yourself is absolutely doable! But, if you need some framing guidance, be sure to check out my framing guide, complete with tips and links to my recommended options. Happy decorating!


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    Lily McAlpin

    Lily McAlpin

    I Boulder, Colorado I

    -- contemporary landscapes through my artistic lens --

    I'm a contemporary landscape painter, deeply influenced by the natural world. In the field, my film camera and rhythm of my feet collect inspiration. In my studio, those memories unfold on canvas. The completion of each painting marks the culmination of my adventure, the two experiences intricately linked.